Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Riot Gear: Post 003

Nothing like spending three days reeking emotional havoc on helpless victims in Cayo Industrial, wearing a child's dress, a ratty wig, toting an artificial severed head, and drenched in faux blood to make me yearn for my adult wardrobe. However as November came crashing down, and the Halloween decorations were already hurriedly replaced with the disgustingly cheery Christmas ones, I found myself  pleasantly at peace with Autumn. Usually, as November sets in, I find myself in a true funk, partially from post-haunt depression, and partially from simply the change of seasons. However, yesterday's weather brought an odd warmth with it, the colors were vibrant, the air was crisp but not too cold, which could only mean I had better take full advantage of the situation and bust out a light coat. After all, it is New England... and the icy hand of Winter is going to bitch-slap us in the face sooner than we're ready for.

Now, I'm  not entirely sure were my inspiration came from for this outfit. Perhaps I had encountered Joan Jett in my dreams the night before and I awoke with that growling "rocker chick" vibe, or maybe I just had an urge to wear pants. I love cute coats and jackets, and have a rather extensive selection in my wardrobe to date, and this is one that I've owned for a few years, but sadly must admit, I hardly wear. However, I fail to comprehend why since its actually quite comfortable and fairly stylish. I'm wondering if its because its a little on the "shiny" side for me, I tend to gravitate towards leather and faux leather if they have a matte finish to them. Regardless, I was compelled to put it on, and I think it was a wonderful piece to add. Now, I do have to note that the coat is a bit on the thin side, so I chose to wear a ballet shrug underneath it to add an additional layer for warmth. I understand that the shrug isn't  pictured very well, but its pretty strait forward: its black and only goes across the top of the back and shoulders, and it has long sleeves with existing thumb holes. I love long shirts with thumb holes, its a thing of mine. What I also loved about incorporating the shrug was I added a layer of warmth without having to add a bulky sweater underneath the sleek jacket. Which came into play nicely considering the striped shirt was also thin.

Skinny jeans. Some days I curse them, and believe I need Crisco in order to squeeze myself into them. On other days though, they can be very sexy in a subtle and sophisticated way. Like everything else, I am extremely picky about how I wear them: always tucked into boots. Slightly slouchy, mid-calf heeled boots always look good with slim fitted pants in my opinion. 

Coat: New York & Company
Striped Shirt: Marshalls
Shrug (not pictured fully): Dancer's Warehouse
Scarf: H & M
Trousers: Roxy
Boots: Nina

All photos taken by Brittanny Taylor

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