Friday, October 16, 2009

Internet window shopping - never a good idea...

So, in the quest of re-evaluating my existing wardrobe, I have decided to just scrap it all and start over from scratch.  This, of course, leaves me in a bit of a predicament: I no longer own anything I am particularly excited for, nor do I have them means to ratify that.  I'm starting a new job next week, and I'm currently putting some much needed time and money into the maintenance of my car. Yes, I can in fact be a responsible doobie when it comes to shopping and the concept of "want" versus "need.  Of course everything on this page is a little bit of both sides.  I NEED new clothes. Period. I also WANT new clothes I feel wonderful, comfortable, and sexy wearing. :) 

My seemingly endless digging through internet alt clothing sites brought me to an old favorite: A site a few friends along the way directed me to. I went searching of new platform boots and discovered the section of unique women's clothing, upon which I nearly had a heart attack.  I am intrigued by the different styles, the layering effect some pieces have, and yes... black black black. Oh black, how I love you!

I have never bought any clothing online.  Usually I find the whole ordeal to be a big pain in the ass, because I usually have a very difficult time finding anything that fits me properly.  I have a  body that it in between sizes on every part of my body.  My bust says medium, my waist says extra small, and my ass... well, thankfully its not too much bigger... I am also short waisted.  So any chicky out there who is as well understands my agony.  Most t-shirts fit like tunics, and cute collared tops with cutouts on the chest are a completely lost cause (I find exposed bras both overdone and incredibly tacky) Finally, pants. Oh boy, pants... Most I buy are much too long for me and I need to hem them. Most of the time the "short" sizes don't come in the style I want, not to mention they don't always fit the same as the "regular" styles do. Annoying, I know. So 9 out of 10 times, I won't buy clothes online.... but in the case of Cryoflesh, I think I could make an exception.

The shoes weren't anything to sneeze at either! I love love love big shoes! 

So my dears, the holidays are coming fast! Just throwing some ideas out there! 
All clothing and shoes can be found at
All photos courtesy of the cryoflesh website.
From top:
Aquarius Short Skirt: $64.99
Binary top: $59.99
Dune Skirt: $74.99
Nexxus Dress: $79.99
Otaka Jacket: $95.00
Toxic Skirt: $88.95
Demonia Boxer 1: $67.00
Demonia Dynamite 3: $53.00

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