Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Riot Gear: Post 002

Autumn is finally here, and what does that mean? Layers! Hooray for sweaters and long skirts and warm things! 

Monday's ensemble consisted of all of the above plus one absolutely fantastic skirt by Illig. Many years ago I saw this skirt in the store and fell completely in love with it.  Much to my dismay, at the time they only carried the skirt in a size "large". Well, boooo! So I had to turn my back on the wonderful garment and I never saw it again in a store.

Flash forward to a few months ago when my dear friend, Raven, invited me over her home to peruse her overflowing closet.  She had seen my many facebook status rantings and whining that I didn't have anything fabulous to wear in real life or in photoshoots and took pity on my sorry, broke ass. Her closets, yes, plural, were full to the brim of wonderfully fashionable alternative couture and she was generous enough to loan me several pieces to use during photoshoots. While I was digging through the racks, high on the scent of PVC, velvet, and metal, I came across "THE" skirt (dundunduuuunnn) and was instantly thrilled.  Out of all the glorious garments she let me borrow, this skirt was something I had pined over for years, and I will be eventually giving her payment so I can actually own it.  It will make me a happy Jayne. 

The skirt is made from a dark gray "swishy" microfiber or polyester material, and strung together with a web of cords forming four panels of corsets. You can adjust the corsets to cinch the skirt down around the thighs, or leave it more open for a fuller effect. It also had a zipper on the back, belt loops, and bondage straps that cascade under the corsets. It is wonderfully comfortable and very light, though it doesn't appear to be. My only complaint is the length: even wear platform boots, the skirt is too long.  I pulled it down on my hips in the photographs here, but in order to walk properly I needed to wear the skirt higher up on the waist.  This sometimes made the garment look very chunky around my min-section.  But all the name of fashion, right? 

There was a cool breeze that flowed through the city, which made it perfect sweater weather.  I chose to layer a cropped long sleeved top over a long tank top.  I added the arm-warmers to accent a bit more color to the outfit, and to also provide more warmth so I didn't need to wear a cumbersome coat the entire day. The arm-warmers are indeed, leg-warmers, but I loved the scratchy wool material, and the color.  Plus, the fact that they are shorter in length made it quite simple and comfortable to wear on my arms. 

Yes, the seasons are changing, and it only makes sense to change with them. Who says I need to be boring? :) 

Skirt: Illig
Cropped, long sleeved sweater: Express
Long tank top: Mossimo for Target
Arm/Leg Warmers: thrifted
All photos were taken by Brittanny Taylor


  1. You also have to remember, that skirt might have been made to wear as a dress..cause it can be, but no one knows to be exact.